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A little look back in time..

31 Oct

Ok so this is going to be my blog for exposing the things I do and the work I create..

To start with I’ll give a you a little overview as to what I’ve been up to leading up to this point. 6 years ago I came to Nottingham to study BA graphic design at Nottingham Trent university. After 3 years of that I emerged specialising in stop motion animation with a strong emphasis on editing to music. Since then I’ve been freelance living and working from Nottingham, originally paired up with Nick Cobby and working under the name LOVEBITE we created club visuals, VJing and DJing around the UK  whilst also creating a viral advert, a music video a spoof advert and a large projected public art piece among various other projects. Our clients included Kickers, DJ and producer Max Cooper, Shed Simove and Nottingham council. After two years we decided to each go solo and Lovebite was no more… I now work under my own name – Allan Buxton or LLan and have since been working on illustrations, DJing, club night promotional videos and most recently a new viral advert for an online vintage store.  So here starts a small retrospect of work and then on to current updates as they happen………………………………………

Here are some objects we used to animate at University…