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29 Nov

2009 saw the first big project Nick and I worked on, a viral advert for Kickers shoes. It took 8 weeks of hard graft but they gave us the opportunity to have complete control over the project, a luxury we relished and used to put all of our skills to the test!  Between Nick and I, we conceptualised, story boarded, built “the machine” , customised the shoes, chose location, lighting, materials and eventually got down to bringing the shoes to life through stop motion animation. The characters we created were to be a product of a “crazy scientists insane contraption” seen in the video as a colourful 80’s styled machine with many moving parts and LEDs involved!


Facing the music..

3 Nov

FACE THE MUSIC from Allan Buxton on Vimeo.

“Face the Music” was the first project Nick and I worked on under Lovebite, created as part of an installation for a local studio/gallery. We made body casts of ourselves on hands and knees using cling film and Sellotape and had them set up at the gallery with the neck holes pressed up against the back of a flat screen TV, which displayed the video above. A very fun, loose project expressing our playful nature and love for music! This kicked off our professional practice, it brought about our visual style and still I regard it as one of the most interesting and fresh projects we worked on.